Everybody can become
a Landlord!

barrer-free access to the real estate market


So that you can invest in Real Estate

We fractionalize the property into very small chunks and give you the opportunity to own a part of it, without the need to have years of experience in the Real Estate market.

Real Estate Investment via Fund Individual property investment
Minimum Investment 10'000+ CHF 1 CHF 100'000+ CHF
Liquid Asset
Management is adopted
Return on investment p. A. 2-4% 3-5% 2-6%
Individual Selection
Available for Loan
Co-determination Rights
Costs p. A. 3-4% 0% 2-5%
  • Investors

    Each investor receives a percentage of ownership in the real estate property proportional to the amount they have contributed.

  • Objects

    The marketplace displays a list of available real estate properties

    If 100% of the required amount is collected by the deadline, the money will be used to purchase the real estate property. Objects
  • Property owners

    Property owners are the primary providers of real estate assets for investment on the platform. They can be individuals, companies, or other entities with real estate properties for sale.

    Property owners
  • Property Managers

    Property managers are responsible for the professional management of acquired real estate properties after their purchase. They can be property management experts or companies specializing in this field.

    Property Managers
  • Property Tenants

    Property tenants are individuals that lease real estate properties acquired through the platform.

    Property Tenants

Everything at a Glance

With your personal Dashboard, you can manage your assets and make investment decisions based on the information you collect from independent reports and identify trends with the provided statistics.


How it Works

gets listed
After auditing the property, it gets listed on our platform and goes into the Financing Phase
Financing Phase
Every Antolac User can now invest in the property, starting from 1 CHF per Token.
Token Distribution
As soon as the Financing Phase is over, all the investors will receive their shares as Security Tokens into your personal wallet.
Asset Management
Now all the Security Tokens you bought are under your management. You can transfer it wherever you want.
You can choose between our carefully selected Trading Partners to sell your shares or buy more of it on the open market.
Digital Asset
From now on, the tokenized property lives fully independent from Antolac on the Stellar Blockchain. Shares can be traded and decision can be made by the owners only.

World Safest Asset Class

You can store the value of your money in physical assets like Real Estate to exceed the market in uncertain times

Real Estate has proved itself to be a value-preserving and steadily growing asset class.



Traditionally, Real Estate in an illiquid asset class, tying up a lot of capital for a long time

Leveraging the advantage of the Blockchain Technology enables investors to trade their assets (Security Tokens) in real-time, 24/7 at almost zero costs, as no intermediaries are involved. hence, Real Estate gets a liquid asset class.



In todays world, the most important thing is to have control over your belongings.

A Security Token gives you the full rights management and governance over your asset. You can move it and sell it where you like.